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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amber's Wedding!!!

Congratulations Amber and Josh!!! Amber was such a beautiful bride! She looked absolutely radiant!! So, their colors were Turquoise, Black and White. (I really had fun with this one!!) The black Lollycakes were Red Velvet, The 3 Tier Wedding Lollycakes were Yellow Cake (I was thinking mini traditional wedding cakes) and for the turquoise Lollycakes I made a turquoise velvet cake to even further match their colors!! They turned out SO beautiful! Everyone LOVED them!! I was sooooo excited!! :) I just love making these Lollycakes! Using my creative side is just so much fun! I ended up making 200 of these cute Wedding Lollycakes and every one was just perfect!! What a beautiful wedding that was!!

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